Charlee Lighton is trapped.

Living on the streets since she was a teen has given her a unique set of skills. She’s been a thief for as long as she can remember, stealing people’s wallets when she was younger to eventually graduate to houses. She’s almost saved up enough money to leave LA and go straight. She already has a plan; she just needs one more job to put her over and then she’s gone. She just needs to find the right mark.

Grayson Thorne is hooked.

Owning his own architecture firm hasn’t exactly led to the exciting life that he had pictured. He’s bored of spending his days working, eating, or sleeping and he knows he needs to make a change. The, one chance encounter at a construction site of his leads him to Charlee. As soon as he looks into her eyes, he knows that he’s found his one. When she steals his wallet and his heart and disappears into the night, he promises that he’ll find her again and never let her go.

Most people would say Charlee is trouble. Grayson says that she’s his.  

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