Snowed in For Christmas

Catherine “Candy” Rockefeller hates Christmas.
Well, that’s not true. She hates her family and Christmas means that she’ll be forced to spend time with them. Dreading going home, she agrees to stop and meet one of her sister’s potential clients on her way home. She’ll take any excuse to not spend time with her family but what she wasn’t expecting, was to meet Forrest.

Forrest Montgomery just wants to be left alone.
He built his cabin in the middle of nowhere to ensure that he wouldn’t be bothered and the last thing he wants is to deal with whoever just drove down his driveway. Then he sees Candy.

When a blizzard hits, it leaves them stranded together in his cabin. Will Forrest be able to convince Candy that she should stay even after the snow stops?

Warning: This holiday romance is full of steam! Grab some hot chocolate, pull on some cozy socks and light the fire, we’re headed to the mountains with a growly loner and his curvy soulmate!

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