Finding Their Rhythm

Emilia “Emmie” Waldgrave is sick of being under her father’s thumb. He dangles her trust fund over her head, forcing her to comply with all of his many rules. When he tries to force her to marry a business partner’s son, she knows that she needs to make a change.

Enter Ruskin Roman.

Ruskin has been waiting to meet the girl that will one day be his wife. The groupies and other girls who throw themselves at him just because of his band have never interested him and he’s worried that he’s going to die a virgin. Then he walks into some deserted dive bar and sees her. That’s all it takes and Ruskin knows that he’s met his match.
Will Ruskin be able to convince Emmie to take a chance on them before he has to leave for tour?

*Warning: This Leap Day love is an instalove romance. It’s over the top and sweet with a loveable goofball for a hero who knows how to treat his girl like a queen. Want a sweet story to read this leap year? Then look no further!

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