Protecting Our Mate

Raven Fuller is terrified. She came home last night to find her stalker waiting for her in her bedroom and she had panicked, packing a bag and fleeing. She drives until she can’t keep her eyes open any longer. Spying an abandoned cabin in the woods, she decides to crash there for a couple of hours and rest her eyes.

Kai Cook and Easton Wright have always been the closest friends. Their the best hunters in the pack and it’s probably because they always seem to know what the other is thinking. They’re out hunting when they scent her. Their mate. They’re confused at first. No one has ever heard of shifters mating with the same girl before but their wolves are positive that she’s meant for them.

When they learn that their mate is running from someone, they’re suddenly grateful that there’s two of them. They just might need it if they want to protect their mate.

*Warning: This shifter instalove is HOT! It’s a short, quick read but trust me, it’s not lacking in steam or romance.

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