Claimed by Her Sasquatch

Emma Fawn has fallen on hard times. Her mom, unable to support them both, had kicked her out when she was eighteen and she’s been bouncing from town to town and job to job for a few years until she finally lands in Thorp, Washington.  

She’s trying to stay positive but she’s run out of money, has nowhere to live, and no real options. She’s so desperate that she applies to any job that she can find that’s hiring and finally gets an interview at Stratton Lumber. 

She’s pretty sure she won’t get hired as a lumberjack but she still shows up for the interview. She’s just not prepared for what will happen once she arrives. 

*Warning: This book alpha is growly and head over heels in love with his sweet girl. Are you looking for a short, sweet, steamy, instalove story? Then hit that button cause this book is for you!

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