Nico Miller is the quiet, silent type. With ten years of experience, he’s probably the best artist at the shop. He’s a giant at 6’8″ and built like a linebacker with tattoos covering his neck and torso. Most people are a little afraid of him when they first meet him, but it doesn’t take long to see that while he might look scary, with his almost permanent frown, tattoos, and size, he was actually a giant teddy bear.

He doesn’t really care what people think about him, preferring to spend his time alone with his drawing pad. That is until he meets Edie West. She’s smart, successful, driven, and the most beautiful thing that he’s ever seen.

Most of the time, he can’t wait for people to leave, but one encounter with Edie, and he doesn’t want to let her go. Will he be able to convince her that settling down with him doesn’t mean settling?

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