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I used to be a spy.

I was good too, but that life got tedious. Now that I’m retired, I spend my free time helping out high-end clients. If you’ve been ripped off, robbed, or threatened then I’m the man you call to fix it.

When some rich property developer calls me to track down someone who broke in and stole some diamonds from his safe, I never thought it would lead me back to the girl who got away.

I haven’t seen her in a decade but she’s still as beautiful as I remember. There’s only one problem stopping our happy reunion.

She’s the thief I’m chasing.

*Warning: This is a fast-paced, short story that ends in a cliffhanger! Don’t worry though, you’ll only have to wait one day to get her side of things.

I’m a thief.

I’m good too. I’ve got my team and we’re close to being done with our jobs in Miami. Then he shows back up.

Ryder Thomas.

The boy who saved me when I was a kid. The teen who showed me how to survive on my own. The man who ripped me off.

Now that he’s got the diamonds, he’s walking into a trap. I just got him back. I can’t lose him again.

I only hope that I get to him in time.

Axton Wells.
Movie star, philanthropist, and my boss.

I’ve worked as his assistant for the last two years and I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with him since Day One.

Too bad for me, he doesn’t do relationships.

Will this spunky, curvy heroine be able to get the guy with the bedroom eyes?

Ready for seven all-new alphas to take control of your library!?
From head to toe, these hotties are prepared to deliver the heart-pounding HEA’s you’re craving!
Forget the beach, these heroes are the summer fun you need!

8/3: Furry Face by Frankie Love
8/5: Bedroom Eyes by Shaw Hart
8/7: Slow Hands by Hope Ford
8/10: Tight Buns from Kate Hunt
8/12: Chiseled Chest by Megan Wade
8/14: Killer Abs by CM Steele
8/17: Alpha’s Arms by Flora Ferrari

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